Wooden windows

Wooden windows

Home is the first memory of our childhood, a place where we spend a large part of our lives, moments we have spent together with our loved ones. Therefore, during the construction or renovation we take care of every detail.

More and more often we move away from standard PVC windows to wooden ones. Why? Because wooden windows are characterized by nobility, naturalness, but also modernity and elegance.

By choosing the Fila wooden windows you can be sure that we will create windows matching your expectations.

Why choose Fila windows?

Windows are an important part of every house. They are not only its basic equipment, but also often have the decorative function. The choice of windows may determine our comfort, lighting, but also the level of safety or the high energy standard. Windows for the house are a choice for many years, so it's worth choosing good windows.

You browse through window catalogs and see the same models and colors all the time? Check out Fila’s wooden windows ! And if you already have an idea about your windows, contact us, and we will make your idea a reality so that you will be able to relax in the privacy of your own home.

What makes Fila wooden Windows special?

File wooden windows represent the freedom of choice combined with the basic advantages of wooden window joinery. Windows for the house should be tight, ensure the quiet and warmth and at the same time give the interiors a quiet, charming and atmospheric character. All of this you can get by ordering our custom-made windows.

Fila windows for the home represent not only the highest standard of workmanship, but also the certainty of energy efficiency and safety. Home should be a quiet haven; therefore our wooden windows are characterized by high sound absorption. If your home is located in a noisy area or near a busy road, thanks to our windows, instead of looking for a new place to live, you will be able to enjoy the peace of your own home.

Good windows are also beautiful windows, so we care about the aesthetics of workmanship, as well as a wide range of colors and shapes. Choosing our windows you can be sure that even your most original idea will come true. We are not a large scale window manufacturer, but we want to create the windows you dream of. We make windows to order, adjust their appearance and parameters to the wishes of each customer, we implement each individual idea, regardless of whether it refers to the classics of wooden joinery, or stands out for its originality.

Wooden joinery is a production process that requires precision. Our carpenters take care of every detail of both the workmanship and the finish of our windows. We do not strive to duplicate run-of-the-mill standards, but we try to include something unusual in every design.

Wooden windows

Wooden window models 

The choice of windows is one made for many years, so it is worth investing in good wooden windows.

We make windows to order, and we take into account all individual ideas, so your windows can be both in standard shapes (rectangle, square, circle) and in non-standard ones (triangle, trapezoid, pentagon). The only limit is your ingenuity.

Wooden windows can be opened in many ways. It is up to you whether the window you choose should be a hopper window, an awning window or a casement window, i.e. open to the left or right the usual way. You can also combine these two functions and choose the tilt-and-turn windows. Additionally, we make sliding, pivoting and non-openable windows.

It is worth noting the heat transfer coefficient and acoustic insulation or thermal energy permeability. Our wooden windows meet all standards and can be adjusted to individual needs.


Window and door joinery

  • WE'RE HERE, IF YOU NEED HELP Just contact us, and we will help you choose the optimum windows and doors. Our portfolio includes a range of solutions to meet all requirements and conditions. Our employees are professionals with many years of experience, who will come to your place, have a look and propose a number of solutions and opportunities for the installation of windows and doors for your investment.
  • WE'LL TAKE MEASUREMENTS If your investment is already under way or you have an architectural design please contact us for a free valuation and measurements. Fila specialists will measure windows and doors at your site. Fila will take care of your wooden joinery, taking responsibility for every step of the project.
  • INSTALLATION Please entrust us with the installation of your wooden doors and windows. Our experience, professionalism and high standards guarantee the installation of professional door and window joinery. Fila is a proven supplier of windows and doors for many satisfied customers in Poland and Europe.
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Fila wooden windows profiles

Our wooden profiles are made of selected wood of high quality. They are made of three-layer gluelam timber and finished with high quality impregnation and varnishing.



The standard profile of wooden joinery with a depth of 68 mm equipped with a single-chamber glazing insert (4/16/4), featuring very good acoustic properties and thermal insulation.



A 78 mm thick profile, which will make the interior of the house even quieter and save energy. Equipped with a two-pane unit (4/12/4/12/4).



The most exclusive of all available profiles. The thickness of 90 mm makes this type of woodwork is extremely energy efficient and highly soundproof. When you choose PROFILE 90, you opt for the double glazing unit (4/16/4/18/4). Profile 90 is synonymous with warmth and silence, as well as the most robust design.

Aluminum PROFILE

Aluminum PROFILE

The combination of high quality wood with aluminum makes this profile a spectacular merger of tradition and modernity. This is a profile with a double-glazed unit (4/12/4/12/4), with the following depths to choose from: 68, 78 or 90.

The color schemes of wooden windows

Our wooden joinery can come in any shade, and the colors of windows you can be selected from a variety of RAL colors.

Okucia okien na zamówienie

Custom fittings

As a standard you will receive the classic handles from ROTO. Optionally, we can offer you anti-burglary hardware of WK1 or WK2 class, as well as concealed ROTO NR + design hardware.

You can match the color of the handles to the color of the profiles of your windows so that they form an integral whole.

The concealed hardware from ROTO is state-of-the-art.

Glass panes and accessories for wooden windows

  1. VSG or P2/P4 anti-burglary glass
  2. sound-absorbing glass panes, thanks to which the windows will be an effective sound barrier
  3. sun protection glass panes, which are able to stop up to 70% of solar energy
  4. reflective glass panes, which provide the optimum amount of light and at the same time perfectly conceal the interior of the house

In addition, our windows have 2 circumferential gaskets and an aluminum drip cap on the frame and light.

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