Interior doors

Interior doors

Interior doors are a symbolic boundary of the rooms in our home and although open spaces are in vogue today, when deciding on interior doors, we will take care of comfort and privacy within it.

Wooden doors are an ideal choice for those who appreciate the nobility of natural material and want the door in the house to be a decorative element. Internal doors can be adapted to suit any room or choose a homogeneous appearance throughout the house. When you choose wooden doors, you are looking for good doors at a reasonable price.

Doors made to order – tell us, what's on your mind...

Our internal doors are a dedicated product, that is why we are able to create doors according to your design. Our door joinery is characterized by uniqueness and exceptionality. When you decide on Fila's interior doors, you reject the boredom and monotony of your interiors and add uniqueness and peculiarity to them.

Whether you are interested in classic wooden doors or your idea is more modern and unique, our carpenters will make every effort to ensure that your doors are made with precision and accuracy, characterized by robustness, durability, craftsmanship and a lasting impression. We do not follow the general trends, because they change quite quickly, but we offer our customers wooden doors lasting for many years, which will delight them with their functionality and workmanship.

Why choose internal doors from Fila?

As a manufacturer of wooden doors, we offer you the possibility to choose doors tailored to your needs and aesthetic expectations. We make doors to the customer's order, so you can be sure that your doors will be unique and original and will match your interiors.

Doors in the house should of course be functional, be a barrier easy to cross in moving between rooms, but because we are passionate about making doors, they can also be a decoration.

In making house doors we use natural materials of the highest quality. Because wood is a flexible material and can be easily processed, our carpenters are able to create any kind of door joinery you need.

Interior doors

Internal door models

There are many options to choose from for the doors in your home. First of all, decide what kind of doors you are interested in. Do you want a single-leaf door, or do you need a wider, double-leaf door? You can also take one step further and choose a sliding door that, thanks to the rail technology, can hide in the wall.

When choosing wooden doors, apart from their aesthetic qualities, you should also pay attention to their functionality. In some rooms your interior doors can be a combination of wood and glass. Bathroom doors should also be fitted with a ventilation grille or sleeves. In rooms where you care about the atmosphere of intimacy, soundproof doors are perfect.


Window and door joinery

  • WE'RE HERE, IF YOU NEED HELP Just contact us, and we will help you choose the optimum windows and doors. Our portfolio includes a range of solutions to meet all requirements and conditions. Our employees are professionals with many years of experience, who will come to your place, have a look and propose a number of solutions and opportunities for the installation of windows and doors for your investment.
  • WE'LL TAKE MEASUREMENTS If your investment is already under way or you have an architectural design please contact us for a free valuation and measurements. Fila specialists will measure windows and doors at your site. Fila will take care of your wooden joinery, taking responsibility for every step of the project.
  • INSTALLATION Please entrust us with the installation of your wooden doors and windows. Our experience, professionalism and high standards guarantee the installation of professional door and window joinery. Fila is a proven supplier of windows and doors for many satisfied customers in Poland and Europe.
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Color patterns of wooden doors

The wide range of colors from the RAL palette offers you the possibility to have wooden doors in a color of your choice and match their color in such a way that they perfectly match the overall appearance of the building.

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Internal wooden door hardware

Depending on which door you need, you can choose between two types of door frames. In the first option you can choose traditional door frames, which are an inseparable part accompanying the door leaf and are usually color-matched to the door itself. The second solution consists of the increasingly popular frames flush with the wall, so called non-rebated doors. It is the perfect choice for those customers who appreciate minimalism and a modern style. When you decide to choose a frame that is hidden in the wall, you get a door that is flush with the wall and at the same time does not lose any of its functionality. The built-in hinges allow a wide opening of the door, even at an angle of 180 degrees.

Regardless of which door model you choose, each of our products is equipped with high quality hinges from reputable companies, which will serve you for years without the need to replace them.

Accessories for wooden doors

If you have already chosen your door, you know exactly what model and color you will choose, it is time to choose the right accessories.

We offer a wide range of handles for interior doors. Just like in door woodwork, here you can choose the right shape and color.

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